Focus Groups

Successful structured dialogues, like the SDDR, are built upon an in-depth understanding of issues around which the dialogue revolves. To accomplish this, Germin will hold focus groups with Diaspora communities in six (6) countries, namely the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and USA (New York and Washington D.C.). These countries were chosen because of their sizable diaspora, while always recognizing that the diaspora is geographically widespread.

Focus groups will be an efficient way for Germin to obtain detailed information about Diaspora group perceptions and opinions.  The involvement of many individuals provides a broader range of information and helps in identifying political and social needs of diaspora communities. Most importantly, these meetings will be helpful in organizing ideas regarding awareness raising about the social and political rights of Diaspora. Furthermore, in bringing people together, focus groups build a support network on which diaspora members can rely. This community will, in turn, benefit the Diaspora Advocacy Group in particular, and the Rights Campaign in general.

Precisely, through semi-structured focus groups Germin will:

  1. Identify the political and social needs of diaspora communities
  2. Create a Diaspora Advocacy Groups (DAG)  that will provide a network for priority topics identified